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ONCF Trains

Created ten years after independence, ONCF played a great role in writing the history of the nation. More than 40 years after having transported volunteers in the Green March, ONCF is at the heart of modernizing the country and is ready to inaugurate the first high-speed line on the African continent.

ONCF performs several operations and has as a mission to exploit the rail infrastructure; to study, build and maintain the train lines in the network; to exploit all the businesses related to railway services locally and nationally.

About ONCF Trains

As part of its new, co-developed strategy for the next decade, the ONCF group has created a new vision, baptized “Destination 2025.” This vision will place it firmly on the map as a “national leader in sustainable mobility that works for public policy, reinventing the company to face up to new strategic challenges.”
  • ONCF, a national leader in sustainable mobility
  • ONCF accelerates the promotion of its tangible and intangible assets to create growth drivers
  • ONCF makes internal performance development a key lever to face up to its strategic challenges
  • ONCF works for public mobility and national development policies
  • ONCF contributes to promoting and developing the Moroccan rail network, expanding it across the region

Traveling by ONCF Trains

You are about to embark on a journey. What kind of transportation should you choose? A plane, train, or automobile? The choice is up to you. But why not take the train? It's more eco-friendly and it offers an opportunity to explore your surroundings while traveling. Oncf trains offer comfort and speed for all passengers willing to ride with them. You don't have much time left before your departure date arrives so make sure that you book your ticket today! Hence, make sure to check Morocco trains: Al Boraq and Al Atlas.

ONCF Train Classes

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Marrakech - Casablanca Train

Distance: 246 km

Time: 3 h

Casablanca - Tangier Train

Distance: 320 km

Time: 2 h

Rabat - Marrakech Train

Distance: 334 km

Time: 4 h

Casablanca - Fes Train

Distance: 318 km

Time: 4 h